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Validate the Programming Skills of Potential Employees.

How it works

Customized Projects

Our tests are project-based, you have the option of picking from our project library or uploading your own project-based tests

IDE Monitoring

Our IDE supports over 20 Programming Languages and Frameworks, it is monitored using Artificial Intelligence tools to detect cheating

Analysis & Evaluation

We analyze the code of the Project, benchmark them against key metrics and provide a comprehensive report

Source Talents

We have pre-vetted Tech Talents that you can pick from. We have you covered from posting a job, to sourcing and testing the Candidate

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Reduce Recruitment Cost

Save money, reduce overall recruitment cost

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Reduce Recruitment time

Save time, reduce overall hiring time

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Validate Candidate’s Skills

Verify a Candidate’s ability to build real-world projects

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Improve the quality of hire

Hiring a skills-fit reduces Employee turnover rate.

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